Address: 900 22nd St, San Francisco, CA 94107
Phone: (415) 814-3815
Cost for Two: $60

Everything we serve is from the land and rooted in what the land has given to us. We cook with the seasons and with love, using fine dining techniques and local ingredients from the Bay Area as well as specially imported ingredients from Hawai’i. The ‘āina concept strives to be a love letter to the islands, by merging the attraction of Hawaiian-inspired cuisine, the warmth, and hospitality of the island spirit with a refined sensibility and great service in a casual and welcoming atmosphere.” – ‘āina

Another weekend, new Brunch Spot. Last week we ended up at the Central waterfront area (Dogpatch) of San Francisco exploring options for brunch. Both Malvika & I are influenced by Hawaiian culture and love their food (hint: our email is so when we saw that ‘āina serves fusion Hawaiian food we decided to give it a go.
It’s one of the favorites of the locals so be prepared to wait for at least 20-30mins if you want to sit inside, or grab a table on the curb to experience Italian style dining, except there is no water.
It was easy for me to pick my dish from the menu, as I tend to stick to Chicken or Veggie but Malvika who is more adventurous has recently been pushing me to try new stuff; my bravest attempt is having an Octopus!
We decided on having 2 appetizers and 1 entree:
  • Hawaiian Malasada

    Malasada: It’s a fried dough pastry, like a Doughnut, it was brought to Hawaii by Portuguese immigrants. Malasada at ‘āina is absolutely yummy! (see the picture). You get 3 pieces of yumminess covered with sugar and coconut filled with Guava custard which oozes out as you are trying to cut through it.


Chicken Katsu with omelet and udon noodles


  • Chicken Katsu:This was my pick, it’s marry’s fried chicken over vadouvan carrot puree. It has rolled omelet on the side with udon noodles. Sauces included are aioli and katsu gel.




  • Spam Musubi with bibb lettuce and kimchi salad

    Spam Musubi ‘SSAM Style‘: This is a perfect snack to start your brunch. It comes beautifully decorated with the Boston bibb lettuce, stone valley farms hog span (Pork), short grain rice topped with kimchi salad, egg yolk furikake (Aioli on the side). It’s not a big portion dish, good for 1 person as an appetizer, but it’s extremely flavorful.

  • POG Mimosa: POG – Passionfruit, Orange and Guava + Champagne. POG is a pretty common drink in Hawaii and sometimes also referred as the glass of deliciousness. Weekends are when you can afford to kick off your day with a Mimosa.

The brunch surpassed our expectations and made us recall all the tropical food we sampled in our Hawaiian Vacation to Maui last October [post on how to plan the perfect Maui Vacation coming soon :)]. ‘āina is a top contender for our favorite brunch in San Francisco, WFWA approved!!

M & K


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