Address: 3138 Noriega St, San Francisco, CA 94122

“You can’t buy happiness… But you can buy ice cream and that is pretty much the same thing” – unknown

Poly Ann Ice Cream
We Fly Window Or Aisle visits Poly Ann Ice cream at San Francisco

This weekend, Malvika and I spent our time outdoors as we were blessed with great sunny weather in San Francisco (After a foggy August, September is San Francisco’s summer). We ended up going to the Elk Glen Meadow picnic area at Golden Gate Park for the BBQ. After a feisty BBQ meal and drinks, we were still missing dessert! Post the grill, Malvika suggested that we give San Francisco’s famous ice-cream joint, Poly Ann, a shot.

At Poly Ann, we were greeted with around 40 exquisite flavors such as jasmine tea, green tea, pumpkin, honeydew, bubble gum, lychee, mango, blueberry and durian. We were spoilt for choice with 3 different varieties of the cone, including a waffle cone (yummy!), they also had waffle cups :). Malvika & I both went for the same flavors this time, mango and lychee, two scoops each and we really enjoyed our treat!

Poly Ann is definitely a must visit dessert place when in San Francisco. On top of that if you like to explore a variety of flavors then this place is just for you.

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